MIV CFS is enabled with world-class infrastructure to offer you a wide range of services that enable smooth cargo transportation. We direct efforts towards offering fastest evacuation from the port for your imports, so you can save on time. Our own equipment like RTG cranes and trailers ensure minimum dependence on anyone else and help us optimise operations. With trained and committed personnel handling the cargo, you can be rest assured of the safety and efficiency while de-stuffing containers and storing your cargo. When it comes to your Over-Dimensional Cargo (ODC) or hazardous materials, our professionals are well-equipped to handle it responsibly and monitor operations as needed.

  • En-block movement of import containers
  • Full container loads movement
  • Import container storage
  • Customs inspection facilitation
  • De-stuffing operations
  • Warehouse storage
  • Online tracking


We offer you world-class export handling at our CFS facilities to help make your cargo transportation smooth and hassle-free. With sophisticated systems, we plan our container stuffing operations to save on time and increase efficiency. Our adequate and experienced labour force has expertise in special cargo stuffing as well as handling Over-Dimensional Cargo (ODC) and hazardous materials. You can be rest assured that we’ll take all the safety and precautions needed. With digital systems that help you track and trace your cargo as well as modern technology, you can experience the convenience, reliability and ease of operations that we bring to export handling at our CFS facilities.

  • Carting and Stuffing of Export Cargo
  • Export on wheel examination
  • On-time reports and updates
  • Dedicated customer service team
  • Customs examination facilitation
  • Online Booking facility
  • RFID – Radio frequency identification
          tracking (proposed)
  • Token management kiosks
  • Mobile tracking (proposed)
  • Online tracking
  • IT systems , EDI connectivity
  • Facilities for Strapping/Shrink Wrapping/
          Palletisation/ Sorting and Labelling


MICVFS Warehouse

To ensure smooth operation of your Export and Import cargo, we offer warehousing at our CFS facilities. You will have the complete support of our team as you process your cargo through customs, thus ensuring a quick turnaround. Reach out to find out how we can help your business warehousing facilities made secure and efficient using modern technology.

Total Area
75909 sq. m (8,17,084 sq.ft)
Yard Area (Fully Paved)
9,890 sq. m (1,06,456 sq.ft)
Warehouse Area
5573 sq. m (59,987.27 sq.ft)
Bonded Warehouse Area
1735 sq. m (18,675 sq.ft)
Empty Container Yard
20244 sq. m (217904.6 sq.ft.)
Reefer Points
50 points
Weigh Bridges (100 MT)


The importers could store cargo and effect partial release of cargo thereby deferring duty payment to Customs, and at the same time releasing the containers in which the cargo is imported. Bonded warehousing offers a dual advantage to the importer. On the one hand, it allows the deferral to duty payment, and at the same time, allows for cargo to be stored under the relatively cheaper option of warehouse storage as opposed to holding on to an ISO container for which dollar lease rentals accrue on the importer.

There is an increasing demand for bonded warehousing in all parts of the country. We have a unique advantage in offering this service. Our Bonded warehouse is located inside the Main warehouse where imports arrive in the first place. This makes bonding of cargo a very cost effective option.


We have infrastructure to handle and monitor reefer containers allows for careful and effective handling of your precious cargo. Be it special temperature control for their shipment and storage, or any other precautions while handling diverse cargo types, you can count on us.

  • Sufficient Reefer plug points
  • Round the clock reefer monitoring


Exclusive areas earmarked for handling Scrap. We have also specialized equipment to handle scrap.

  • Scrap yard area - 9,000 Sq Mt (96,875 Sq Ft)


Apart from the CFS services for international cargo , we have a de-notified area of 2 acres which can accommodate approx. of 80 Teus space in the entrance area of the CFS. The said area with proper security protection can be utilised for Coastal Cargoes as well as DPD cargoes. The Coastal containers can be grounded and the same can be stored in this area. If needed MIV CFS can arrange the de-stuffing of Containers directly to the truck. MIV CFS was the first CFS to offer this service in Cochin.

Long Standing Container / Auction

Long-standing container management / auction facilitation

Hazardous cargo handling

Our CFS facility can handle hazardous Cargo. Our individuals handling your hazardous cargo have undergone regular training and refresher courses on International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) code, equipment handling and other safety features that make them perfectly suited to handle your hazardous cargo safely and carefully.


Our CFS have specialized equipments to handle all kinds of ODC and Out of Gauge (OOG) cargo, without any damage or delays. We have a team of experts who are adept at planning the operations and flawlessly executing them with no compromise on safety or quality. Reach out with details of your cargo to our team for further details.


Reach Stackers
Paper Catcher
Weight Bridge